56" chime, longest tube 35" x 2 1/4" diameter with a 1/4" wall thickness. Weighs in at 30#.  Loaded on our hi-tech wind assimilator.

55" chime, longest tube 34" x 1 3/4" diameter with a 5/32" wall thickness. It weighs 10#.

Some of our selection of chimes to choose from.  Due to the sizes of tubing we stock, our chimes are 44" and larger.

Time tested in the windiest county in Wisconsin

We build our wind chimes with the same exacting craftsmanship we use on all our projects.  These are the latest addition to our line of factory direct products.  We assemble them with some of the common materials we use on our other great products.  Our chimes are large diameter aluminum tubes that have thick walls to produce pleasing, resonant tones.  The parts are connected with sturdy stainless steel rods that are more durable than string hangers.  The chimes are hung at the precise point to optimize the melody produced when they are struck by the wind powered clapper.  As with all of our products, we suggest you visit us to experience these.  You'll enjoy the music for years!  If interested, please contact us.

This diagram is from Blevins' book "Formulas for Natural Frequency and Mode Shape". We suspend the chime at the 1st mode and strike it at the 2nd mode.