Wind Power Windsurfing heavy duty work boat

We have over 35 years of pontoon boat building experience. Repairing aluminum boats of all kinds since we were founded in 1972, pontoon boats became so familiar to us, it seemed natural to start constructing them. 

Many different sizes of boats have been built ranging from 6' wide by 10' 6" long minitoons with hex shaped tubes to a 12' wide by 42' long project an entrepreneur made into a commercial double decker tour boat.

Lately, we've found ourselves building smaller entry level pontoon boats that are powered by electric trolling motors.  These boats travel at slow speeds, so we can use recycled plastic decking on them for a truly low maintenance watercraft.  These pontoons are ideal for small, no wake, and manmade lakes.

Pontoon boats have evolved since 1979.  When we started building them, people used lawn chairs and powered the boats with 30 hp motors.  We kept up for awhile and made our own upholstered furniture and supplied boats with engines often in excess of 100 hp.  We've chosen to take a step back and build high quality small, simple boats.

We'll work with you to outfit you in one of our small pontoon boats.  Please contact us.

After market high performance fins welded on.  You'll go faster and you'll turn on a dime.

Some of the most memorable times are the simplest. 

12' x 6' wide ready for electric or small horsepower outboard

Buoyant 35' long with three 28" diameter tubes x 10' wide and 200 horsepower

Loading a trailer bound for Florida.

24' x 8' wide from 1985

13' x 6' wide paddle boat, built using maintenance free recycled plastic.

15' x 7' wide paddle boat in process

12' x 6' wide with 80 lb thrust electric trolling motor

We'll sell you a pontoon kit if you're a do-it-yourselfer.

12' x 8' raft

Literature from 1980

17' x 7 1/2' wide, set up for fishing