Steel tank & brackets

Manual MIG welding

We've built tens of thousands of fast food restaurant chairs.

Custom stainless steel photographers platform on a boat used for on the water camera shoots.

Aluminum bracket & tanks

Stainless steel enamel hoppers with carts

The front of this aluminum jon boat is modified so the fish nets don't get caught and cut.  This was a Walleyes For Tomorrow donation in 2014.

Welded brass faucets before polishing

We've fabricated and welded over ten thousand deer hunting treestands.  To keep them light, the average wall thickness of the aluminum extrusions is .040".

Heavy duty trailer repair

Mirror finish stainless steel tubes

Electrohydraulic lift

Here's a sampling of projects we've done for industrial customers since we opened in 1972.  Welding is the core of our business.  We can do many welding processes, working with a variety of metals.  Besides our welding, we have a 20,000 square foot factory full of fabrication equipment we've used in our decades of metal working. 

Our specialty is working with aluminum.  All of our factory direct products are made of aluminum.

We know and maintain the high quality standards required on products in today's business environment.  We will offer that same quality to you.

If you think we could assist you with your welding and fabricating needs, please contact us.